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All Cash – We bring our own funds, or another investor’s funds, to closing.  Because this is the most expensive option for us, the net price you receive for your property will be less than any of the other methods listed here.

Other Options

Split Funded – You receive some cash now and the balance at a later time down the road, usually when we re-sell the property.

Owner Financing – We buy your equity by paying you monthly installments, usually after some type of down payment.

Take Over Payments – If your property currently has a lien on it (mortgage, deed of trust, etc.) we can step into your position and take over the payments (also called a “subject-to” transaction from the name given to it on line 503 of the HUD Settlement Statement).  The down side of this type of transaction is that the loan(s) remain in your name for an undermined amount of time.  The up side is that this type of transaction can be closed very quickly, usually without any closing costs to you.  If you have no equity, this may be the only way to sell your property other than a short sale (see below).

Wrap Around Mortgage – This method combines “Owner Financing” (above) with “taking over the payments” (above) by “wrapping” the two together into one monthly payment paid to you.

Land Contract – We make payments directly to you, similar to “Owner Financing” (above); ownership of the property transfers to us after we pay an agreed-upon  percentage of the total balance due.  We continue to make payments to you until paid off.

Lease Option – We lease your property from you and sublet it to another tenant/buyer who eventually cashes us both out.

Straight Option – We contract from you the right to sell your property to someone else, as-is, and then market your property, at our expense, to find a buyer.

Short Sale – When you owe more than your property is worth, this may be your only option.  In general, you must be at least three (3) months behind on payments to initiate this process.  The end result is the bank settles for less than what is owed on the property.

Conventional Financing – This is essentially the same as an “all cash” (see above) deal to you, but, in this case, we go to the bank to obtain funds.  The process takes longer than the “all cash” method and is our least favorite.  Because you get all of your money up front, you will have to accept a discount, compared to one of the other methods listed here.